Private Residence Morningside

Private Residence Morningside

“Urban luxury has found its home here”


Marrying together elements of eclecticism, sinewy organicism and the contemporary aesthetic, this sprawling urban home of 1400 square metres is a hybridization of LIFE’s work in both hospitality and luxury residential work; the comforts of home live alongside the luxuries of the boutique hotel.

A truly bespoke project, every element of this uber-luxe home is tailored to suit the character and lifestyle of its owners, from the glass-fronted garages, home theatre, brass-floored basement bar reminiscent of a private members’ club to the spacious mosaiced gym, numerous reception, entertainment and living areas, suede-lined elevators to the home spa and cavernous dressing area and boudoir, with every luxury available true to its location in the eponymous Egoli, or City of Gold.


The harmonising monochromatic palette of the home -‘ecru/maron-noir’- is accented by areas of metallic reflectivity and high textural contrast - this house is a haven home for the contemporary urbanite with an unexpected eclectic-organic twist.


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